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Autoinstalable en minutos

Autoinstalable en minutos directamente a enchufe y sin obras. 30 días de prueba.

Ahorra en tu factura de luz

Ahorra hasta el 50% de tu factura de luz. 30 años de rendimiento garantizado.

Autoconsumo 100% verde

Autoconsumo 100% verde desde el minuto 1. Reduce tu emisión de CO2.

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Generating your own energy has never been so easy


Place your kit where the sun hits it the most. On your balcony, terrace, roof, garden, pergola or wall.


Plug the cable into any outlet. The kits are delivered already assembled, generating immediate savings.


Consume sustainably and saving. From now on you will pay less every month on your bill.


Monitor your production and control your kit in real time from your mobile.

Plug & Play on any surface

Our solar kits are prepared to work in any space with a very simple installation. Choose the surface that best suits you.

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How much can you save?

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*Example of installation of the Tornasol Efficiency 800W Kit in Spain, facing south with an angle of 20º. Average electricity price 1Q 2024 (VAT included).

Now, we install it, certify and manage your subsidies

Your 360 solar solution: Installation, Certification and Subsidy Management at the best price on the market.

How much can I save?

*Estimated example for single-family home

Cost of self-installable kits up to 2.4kWh 1.775.00€
Installation cost 460.00€
Certified electrical installation cost -115.00€
Energy certified cost -60,00€

Total cost 2.140,00€

Income Tax Bonus -1.446,00€
Additional cost to qualify for IBI bonus 220,00€
IBI Bonus -400,00€

Total cost 1.266,00€

* VAT not included
* Bonuses available from 2.4kWh installation
* IBI bonus varies by municipality (Example calculated on €400 / year and 25% bonus for 4 years)
* CIE varies by Autonomous Community
* Energy certificate after installation (Prior required within a maximum of 2 years of validity)
* Additional IBI cost includes technical report, responsible declaration and presentation of the IBI bonus
* Additional costs

In addition, thanks to your installation you will save up to 50% on your bill.

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In any space. Easy.

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Add a battery to your Plug & Play Kit

Optimize your savings by combining your solar kit with high-efficiency grid batteries

Zendure SolarFlow & EcoFlow batteries , the perfect combination with your Tornasol Kit.

Charge your battery with your solar kit , with any plug or even with the car plug and never run out of power again.

The fastest charging battery in the world. From 0 to 80% in less than an hour.


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Exclusive advantages of our solar kits in Spain.

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You will have it up and running in minutes.

Frequent questions


How much can I save on my electricity bill?

Up to 50% of your bill, and that's without batteries! A plug & play solar kit can generate energy for self-consumption, allowing your appliances to use solar energy directly instead of purchasing it from your electricity company. This translates into a significant reduction in your bills.

Factors that affect savings:

1. Kit Production: The amount of energy your solar system produces.

2. Electricity rate: What your electricity company charges per kWh, including taxes. Savings example: If your kit generates 1,500 kWh annually and you pay €0.30/kWh, you would save €450 per year (1,500 kWh x €0.30 /kWh). Maximize your savings: The fewer people there are in the home, the greater the proportional savings that a solar kit can provide. Although the kits are limited to 800W, this savings can be significant. Furthermore, consuming all the energy generated maximizes your economic return. To calculate how much you could save in your specific case, use our Savings Calculator.

How do I know if my balcony is suitable for a Plug & Play Solar Kit?

A balcony railing is designed to resist more than the weight of a person, preventing falls. Plug & play solar kits weigh between 5 kg and 25 kg, depending on the number and type of panels installed. This weight is significantly less than that of an adult, so the railing should support it without problems. Safety concerns: If you have concerns about the strength of your railing, consider replacing it, as regulations may require it. Panels at Tornasol Energy: Our solar kits offer two types of panels: Efficiency Kits: Equipped with high-performance conventional panels that produce more energy per square meter, but weigh between 20 and 25 kg per panel. Flex Kits: They use ultralight panels that, with only 20% of the weight of the Efficiency, generate 80% of the energy. They are designed for installations where weight is a critical factor. Make sure the railing is strong enough to provide secure support for your solar kit.

Is it necessary to have a power outlet to install my kit?

Yes. You need a plug to "plug & play" your solar kit, as it must be connected to the home's electrical network. This is achieved through a cable that connects the microinverter to the grid. European standard: Tornasol kits include a Schuko plug, which is the standard in Europe. Make sure you use a safe outdoor outlet to plug in the kit. Connection recommendations: It is recommended to connect the kit directly without using extension cables. If you need a connection cable longer than 5 m, please contact us to obtain a custom one. Quick installation: If you do not have a power outlet available, any electrician or maintenance technician can install it quickly and easily. By following these recommendations, your solar kit will be safely connected and ready to supply power to your home.