Pioneers in self-installable solar energy in Spain since 2021, Tornasol Energy is an e-commerce founded by renewable energy enthusiasts whose mission is to accelerate the energy transition and democratize access to solar energy. To do this, we market affordable, lightweight and flexible self-installable solar kits that can be placed on balconies, roofs, gardens, walls and multiple surfaces. Our kits are 100% legal and eligible for subsidies, they do not require installers or works and allow you to reduce your electricity bill by up to 50% just with a kit or up to 100% by adding batteries. Our objective is to maximize a triple social, economic and environmental impact by accompanying our clients towards their energy autonomy.

Why “Tornasol Energy”?

At Tornasol Energy, our name encapsulates the essence and spirit of our mission: to democratize access to solar energy, making it accessible, simple and effective for everyone. But what do a stone and a comic book character have to do with our company?

The power of litmus stone

Litmus stone, also known as labradorite, is famous for its ability to display a stunning range of iridescent colors when light hits it from different angles. This stone symbolizes transformation and magic, qualities that perfectly reflect the energy revolution that we want to lead. Just as litmus stone reveals its colors under light, our solar kits reveal their potential by absorbing sunlight, transforming solar energy into clean electricity accessible to all.

The colors of electricity

The iridescent color of the stone is a perfect reflection of the diversity and versatility of the electricity produced by our solar kits. Just as electricity flows in various colors and shapes, depending on how and where it is used, litmus stone changes its appearance, showing the inherent beauty and adaptability of the energy solutions we offer.

Professor Litmus's Laboratory

Our name also pays tribute to Hergé's beloved character, Professor Tornasol from the Tintin comic series, who is known for his tireless dedication to science and his inventive spirit. Like Professor Tornasol, we are committed at Tornasol Energy to innovation and continuous improvement. We are inspired by his laboratory, a place of constant experimentation and discovery, where each new advance leads to practical solutions that improve people's lives.

Our Commitment

At Tornasol Energy, we combine the beauty and adaptability of litmus stone with the tireless inventiveness of Professor Tornasol to bring every home and business in Spain the possibility of generating its own clean and sustainable energy. We are dedicated to making solar energy not only an option, but an easy and effective choice for everyone, thus contributing to a greener and more sustainable future by fighting climate change together.

Also internally we work to be a neutral company in CO2 emissions, our packaging is made with recycled and sustainable cardboard, our user manuals are digital, eliminating the use of paper and little by little we will work to reach our own emissions neutrality as company and as people committed to what we do.

Thus, our name is not simply a tribute to natural beauty and science fiction; It is a reflection of our mission and values, a constant reminder of what we can achieve together by bringing sunlight into every home in innovative and accessible ways.

Tornasol Energy, Towards Energy Autonomy

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