Autoinstalable en minutos

Autoinstalable en minutos directamente a enchufe y sin obras. 30 días de prueba.

Ahorra en tu factura de luz

Ahorra hasta el 50% de tu factura de luz. 30 años de rendimiento garantizado.

Autoconsumo 100% verde

Autoconsumo 100% verde desde el minuto 1. Reduce tu emisión de CO2.

Add a battery to your Plug & Play Kit

Zendure SolarFlow & EcoFlow batteries, the perfect combination with your Tornasol Kit.

Charge your battery with your solar kit, with any plug or even with the car plug and never be left without power again. The fastest charging battery in the world. From 0 to 80% in less than an hour.

How much can you save?

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*Example of installation of the Tornasol Efficiency 800W Kit in Spain, facing south with an angle of 20º. Average electricity price 1Q 2024 (VAT included).

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How much can I save on my electricity bill?

Up to 50% of your bill, and that's without batteries! A plug & play solar kit can generate energy for self-consumption, allowing your appliances to use solar energy directly instead of purchasing it from your electricity company. This translates into a significant reduction in your bills.

Factors that affect savings:

1. Kit Production: The amount of energy your solar system produces.

2. Electricity rate: What your electricity company charges per kWh, including taxes. Savings example: If your kit generates 1,500 kWh annually and you pay €0.30/kWh, you would save €450 per year (1,500 kWh x €0.30 /kWh). Maximize your savings: The fewer people there are in the home, the greater the proportional savings that a solar kit can provide. Although the kits are limited to 800W, this savings can be significant. Furthermore, consuming all the energy generated maximizes your economic return. To calculate how much you could save in your specific case, use our Savings Calculator.

How do Plug & Play Solar Kits work?

It's like any appliance, only instead of consuming energy it injects it into the local network! A plug & play solar kit generates solar energy using solar panels. The micro inverter converts direct current power from the panels into alternating current power used in your home. A special cable connects the micro inverter to a normal outlet in your home, injecting the kit's energy into the home's electrical circuit.
This circuit works similar to a canal system. At different points there are devices that consume. The sum of that electricity consumption is what your electricity company provides to the home at the end of the channel system. Your meter counts how much light there is at each moment.

If you now connect a plug & play solar kit to your canal system, that kit injects energy into that network. Connected appliances use that energy first. If you have several electrical circuits at home, they all come together in the electrical panel, which in turn is connected to the meter. If there is excess power on the circuit the kit is connected to, it will go first to the other circuits that require power.

How much energy does a plug & play solar kit produce?

Our kits can save you more than 50% on your electricity bill and that's without batteries! Savings depend on many factors such as your location, inclination, installed kit, etc. An Efficiency kit is around 1,700 kWh/year of production and a Flex kit up to 1,200 kWh/year. We recommend using our savings calculator to see how much you can go in your case.