In the world of solar energy, the option of installing your own plug & play system has become increasingly attractive. Energy autonomy is at your fingertips, but how can you recognize the quality of a plug & play solar kit before making that important decision? Here we provide a guide to ensure you are investing in a reliable and efficient system.

1. Manufacturer reputation:

Research the manufacturer of the solar kit. A solid reputation backed by years of experience and positive reviews It is an indication of quality. Trusted companies offer products designed to last and provide optimal performance. Our kits carry the Spain brand!

2. Quality and qualities of solar panels:

The conversion efficiency of solar panels is crucial. Make sure the kit includes high-efficiency solar panels that can make the most of the available solar radiation. Today's technology offers ultralight and flexible options that adapt to various surfaces. Our panels obtain an efficiency of 17.4%, only weigh 5kg, are 2mm thick and reach a maximum twist of 30º. Its dimensions are also no coincidence since European architectural regulations say that every balcony must have a minimum height of 90 cm, so our panels are 2×0.9m, that is, balcony size. Take a look at its technical specifications here !

3. Ease of installation:

One of the main attractions of plug & play kits is their ease of installation. A quality kit should provide clear instructions and components designed to be installed by anyone, even without prior solar energy experience. Notice that it is all inclusive ! You can watch an explanatory video to assemble your solar kit step by step in our YouTube channel . You'll see how easy it is!

4. Compatibility and scalability:

Make sure the kit is compatible with other technologies and can be scaled to your needs. Scalability is essential if you want to increase generation capacity in the future. A modular system will allow you to adapt your installation as your requirements evolve. Both our kits and our network batteries are modular so you can easily expand your installation depending on your needs. Here We explain everything to you.

5. Manufacturer's Warranty:

A solid warranty is an indicator of confidence on the part of the manufacturer in the durability of their product. Review the warranty terms to understand what coverage it offers and for how long. This will give you peace of mind and support in case of any eventuality. Our kits have 10 years warranty and our manufacturer offers 25 years of guaranteed performance.

6. User opinions:

Read the opinions of other users who have installed the same kit. The experiences of people who have already been through the process can provide valuable insights into product quality, manufacturer support, and long-term performance. Our kits have an average rating of 4.5/5 with more than 300 reviews over the last 2 years!

7. Certifications and regulations:

Verify that the kit complies with relevant certifications and regulations. This ensures that the system meets safety and quality standards established by the industry . This not only translates into quality assurance but will allow you register your kit to be able to access compensation for surpluses, subsidies or reductions of IBI and Personal Income Tax. At Tornasol we have ALL of them.

8. Technical support and customer service:

Evaluate the quality of technical support and customer service offered by the manufacturer. Good after-sales service can make a difference in solving problems or doubts that may arise during the installation or use of the kit. Our experts will always be at your disposal to answer your questions, assist you in the installation process and ensure you maximize the production of your solar kit. Contact us and get rid of doubts!

By taking these aspects into account, you will be better prepared to recognize the quality of a plug & play solar kit. Choosing a reliable system will guarantee not only efficient energy generation, but also a lasting investment on your path to energy autonomy.