This Labor Day, it's the perfect time to recognize one of the most diligent and reliable workers we know: the sun. In Spain, famous for its sunny skies and clear days, the sun 'works' around 300 days a year, providing approximately 2,500 hours of sunlight. This natural resource is not only abundant and sustainable, but it is also a source of economical energy thanks to innovations in solar technology, such as Tornasol Energy's self-installable solar kits. working sun

How much does the sun work for us?

On average, Spain enjoys an impressive 300 sunny days a year. This translates into around 2,500 hours of direct solar radiation that can be used to generate electricity. Considering this amount of energy available, it is like having an employee who does not ask for vacations or days off and gets up every day tirelessly, always ready to produce energy.

The savings that the sun can offer you

Using a self-installable solar kit from Tornasol Energy , let's see how you can transform these hours of solar work into tangible savings for your home. Let's say you install two solar kits and (depending on the selected power and their orientation) they have a capacity to generate 1 kW per hour. On a typical day, you could generate approximately 5 kW (assuming 5 hours of peak sun per day). This translates to about 150 kW per month (5 hours per day x 150 kW).

If we consider that the average price of electricity in Spain can be around 0.25 euros per kWh, you would be saving approximately 37.5 euros per month (150 kW x 0.25 euros). Annually, this adds up to a not inconsiderable 450 euros. These figures not only highlight the significant economic impact that installing a solar kit in your home can have, but also the environmental benefit of reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources. And all this calculation without considering How to boost your savings with a network battery . Imagine doing it!

Investing in a solar kit

Acquiring and installing a solar kit from Tornasol Energy is an initial investment that is quickly recovered thanks to the tireless work of the sun since our kits They do not require installers or works . In addition to direct savings on your electricity bill, solar kits increase the value of your property and contribute to a greener future.

This Labor Day, while we honor the effort and dedication of workers around the world, we also celebrate the constant and reliable work of the sun, which offers us an excellent opportunity to move towards more responsible and economical energy consumption. At Tornasol Energy, we're here to help you make the most of this incredible natural 'workforce' with our self-installing solar kits. So to celebrate Labor Day during the next 24 hours get €50 discount on all our kits With the code: WHATLORENZOWORKS . Make the sun work for you and start seeing the benefits in your life and your wallet.