When it comes to taking advantage of solar energy at home, Spain stands out as the ideal country within the European Union. Because? Because it meets the most ideal conditions to install a plug & play solar kit on the balcony, turning your outdoor space into a sustainable and efficient source of clean energy. Here we tell you why Spain is the perfect setting to take the leap towards energy autonomy.

1. Abundance of sun:

Spain is famous for its generous number of sunny days throughout the year. The intensity and duration of solar radiation make every corner of the country conducive to the generation of solar energy. With approximately 2,900 hours of sunshine per year, Spain leads in this aspect among the countries of the European Union.

2. Favorable climatic conditions:

In addition to receiving a high level of solar radiation, Spain has favorable climatic conditions that allow stable energy generation. Moderate temperatures, even in winter, ensure that your solar kit works efficiently all year round.

3. Ease of installation:

The simplicity of the plug & play solar kit makes it accessible to everyone, even those with no prior solar energy experience. Spain lends itself perfectly to the installation of these systems without complications. You can start generating your own electricity quickly, easily and 100% legal .

4. Commitment to sustainability:

Environmental awareness and commitment to sustainability are on the rise in Spain. The installation of plug & play solar kits on balconies aligns perfectly with this mentality, allowing citizens to actively contribute to the transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

5. Savings on energy bills:

Spain experiences moderate energy costs, and installing a balcony solar kit can result in significant savings on your electricity bills. The quick payback and return on investment make it a logical and profitable choice. You can check it using our savings calculator .

6. Adaptability to different spaces:

Plug & play solar kits are highly adaptable and can be installed in a variety of spaces, from small balconies to larger terraces. This makes them a versatile option for the diversity of housing in Spain, especially considering that the country has the highest ratio of population living in apartments in the European Union only behind Latvia as demonstrated This studio .

7. Government support:

Spain has demonstrated its commitment to renewable energy through support policies and subsidies. The existence of government incentives further facilitates the adoption of solar technologies, giving citizens the opportunity to actively participate in the transition towards a more sustainable future. Here we explain how to register your litmus kit to obtain subsidies and reductions of IBI or personal income tax.

In short, Spain offers a perfect setting to install a plug & play solar kit on your balcony. From abundant sunshine to favorable weather conditions, commitment to sustainability and adaptability to different spaces, the country provides a conducive environment for everyone to contribute to the shift towards cleaner, more efficient energy. Get ready to make the most of the Spanish sun with Tornasol Energy!