In recent months, the innovation of solar balconies has become a hot topic in Spanish homes, thanks to the revolutionary proposal of Tornasol Energy and its plug & play solar kits. This exciting development has not gone unnoticed by the media, with several leading television channels highlighting the transformation these kits are bringing about in the way citizens consume and generate energy.

Antenna 3:

The Espejo Público program on the Antena 3 network, one of the main opinion and news programs in Spain, has dedicated special segments to highlight how solar balconies are changing the energy perspective in homes. With interviews with solar energy experts and satisfied users of Tornasol Energy kits, the channel managed by the Atresmedia group has shed light on the economic and environmental benefits of this innovative solution.


Telecinco News from the Mediaset España group, another television giant, has explored in depth the impact of solar balconies in various programs. From morning magazines to report programs, Telecinco has shared inspiring stories of people who have opted for solar energy on their balconies and have experienced a true revolution in their energy bills.


Madrid regional television has also joined the wave of interest in solar balconies. Telemadrid has presented detailed reports on how Tornasol Energy's plug & play solar kits are making a difference in homes in the region. From user testimonials to technical analysis, Telemadrid has provided complete coverage about the installation and legality of this innovative trend.

Coverage on these channels has not only highlighted the practical benefits of solar balconies, such as cost savings and contribution to environmental sustainability, but has also generated greater interest and awareness in society. Tornasol Energy's innovation has captured the attention of television audiences, inspiring more people to consider the transition to a cleaner, more affordable source of energy in their own homes.

The solar balcony revolution is being broadcast to millions of homes via these prominent television channels, and the trend promises to expand as more people discover the ease and benefits of generating their own energy with the solar balconies. plug & play solar kits from Tornasol Energy.