At Tornasol Energy, last year we launched grid solar batteries to complement our successful plug & play solar kits as you will see in detail in this entry of our blog . With our customers' growing curiosity about these batteries, we want to address the most frequently asked questions and show you how you can maximize your energy savings by integrating a Zendure SolarFlow solar battery into your litmus kit.

Integration of the solar battery with your litmus kit:

Generally, the solar battery is located between the kit panels and the micro inverter. In our case, we use the Zendure SolarFlow, which consists of 1 Hub and 1 to 4 batteries of 1 kWh each, stackable together. The Smart PV Hub connects to a maximum of 2 solar panels (or more if in series) of up to 600Wp each with a maximum input capacity of 1200Wp. This stores the alternating current from the panels in the batteries. Then, to power your home's electrical grid, the Hub takes the energy from the batteries and sends it to the micro inverter, converting it into direct current used in the home. This entire system is managed through the Zendure mobile application, which allows you to monitor production, control the energy sent to the home and stored, and check the battery charge level. We leave you a link to our user manual and this video so you can see it in detail!

Surplus storage:

The most obvious advantage of adding a solar battery to your plug & play kit is the storage of the surplus and its use during hours without sun. Imagine every excess watt produced by the kit being stored in the battery instead of being dumped into the electrical grid and generating little or no credit. This eliminates worry about overage and maximizes the efficiency of your system. You can also register your surplus compensation as We explain here .

Expanding the impact of your kit:

With the addition of solar batteries, you can consider expanding your plug & play installation to generate enough power during the day and use it at night as well. This becomes particularly relevant if your consumption is constant during all hours of the day. The right solar battery can be crucial to storing enough energy during the shoulder hours and night.

Facility size planning:

Determining the appropriate size of your plug & play installation involves understanding light consumption not only in total daily terms, but also per hour compared to the period of maximum solar radiation. Although adding a solar battery can increase savings, it is essential to consider the associated costs. At Tornasol Energy, we offer flexible solar batteries that allow you to start with a smaller installation and expand as needed. Use our savings calculator either contact us for personalized advice.

With the right combination of a plug & play solar kit and a Zendure SolarFlow solar battery, you can maximize your savings and move towards a more efficient and sustainable home. Contact us to find out how you can get the most out of your solar system!